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Preventive and Reactive Maintenance

The most successful property maintenance plans focus on preventive maintenance but have plans in place for reactive maintenance requirements. But what exactly does this mean? In this guide, our plumbers, gas engineers and building experts explain the difference between preventive and reactive maintenance, and what they can involve. OneResponse is a trusted, local company providing plumbing and heating services as well as building services in Belsize Park and the surrounding London areas. We help customers look after their properties and solve all manner of issues for them, from water leaks and heating faults to structural concerns.

Among other things, our maintenance services include leak detection, leak repairs, flood repairs, insurance repairs, renovation and refurbishment works and central heating works.

Preventive Maintenance

Also call planned maintenance, this type of property maintenance involves foresight to identify and address possible issues before they occur. This prevents the potential damage, breakdown or emergency from happening, saving time, money and stress. It also improves the safety of your Belsize Park premises.

Preventive maintenance involves regular checks and minor repairs on various building components to keep them in good condition.

Examples of preventive maintenance include:

  • Calendar-based inspections, such as annual boiler servicing and gas safety checks which OneResponse provides as part of our heating services
  • Repair or replacement of parts before they reach the end of their lifespan or fail – one example under our building services is replacing windows before seals or double glazing fails
  • Inspection, maintenance and minor repair of plumbing and heating systems – our plumbers and gas engineers undertake everything from powerflushing to leak detection and leak repairs for minor water leaks
  • Regular cleaning of equipment and machinery

Benefits of preventive maintenance are numerous because it helps avoid serious problems which require services such as flood repairs and insurance repairs, which can be time-consuming and costly. Knock-on advantages of this include better budget management, enhanced health and safety and lower risk of business disruption.

Reactive Maintenance

Reactive maintenance refers to work undertaken after a problem has occurred. It is often the result of an unexpected breakdown or fault. In many cases, our customers in the Belsize Park area could have prevented such problems with planned property maintenance. Reactive solutions are generally more expensive.

Reactive maintenance can also be in response to unpredictable damage, such as that caused by a storm or flood.

The plumbers and other experts at OneResponse undertake a range of building services, heating services and plumbing services as part of reactive maintenance, including:

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