Leak Detection and Repairs

Water and Gas Leak Detection in Harpenden, St John’s Wood and the Surrounding London Areas
Efficient Detection and Repairs

If you have a leak or suspected leak at your property in North London or Central London, do not hesitate to contact OneResponse. We save you time and money by quickly pinpointing the source of the leak with as little disruption as possible. Our certified gas engineers and plumbers then carry out leak repairs. We handle both gas and water leaks, providing a hassle-free leak detection and repair service.

Our team provides domestic and commercial solutions throughout Barnet, Belsize Park, Finchley, Hampstead, Harpenden, St Albans, St John's Wood, Whetstone and the nearby areas. We take on jobs of every size, always working with honesty and courtesy, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Gas Leaks

Gas leaks can be deadly, so it is vital to act quickly as soon as you suspect a gas leak within your property. You should turn off the gas emergency control valve/shut off valve at the meter and ventilate the area. Extinguish any naked flames and don’t smoke, light a flame or operate electrical switches.

OneResponse uses specialist leak detection equipment, such as a gas test gauge and gas leak detector spray, to pinpoint the location of the leak before carrying our repairs. Our Gas Safe engineers undertake all gas leak repairs and thoroughly test the system afterwards to ensure a full fix and optimal safety.

Our gas repair services also cover boilers, central heating and gas appliances. We offer a range of contract and one-off heating and property maintenance solutions.

Water Leaks

We assist with water leaks both inside and outside the property. Using specialist gas tracing equipment, we locate the specific area of the leak and isolate sections of pipework to pinpoint exactly where the leak is coming from. Our team then prepares a suitable action plan to remedy the leak.

When leaks are located outside the property, we excavate using mini diggers to expose the damaged pipework. After completing leak repairs, we reinstate the ground to its previous condition.

If the leak has been severe enough to cause flooding, OneResponse can provide a full flood repair service. As well as leak detection and repair, this involves removal of water, moisture readings, clean-up, waste removal and restoration.

We provide safe and efficient solutions for all types of water leaks and gas leaks in Barnet, Belsize Park, Finchley, Hampstead, Harpenden, St Albans, St John's Wood, Whetstone and all the surrounding North London and Central London areas.

For leak detection and repairs in Harpenden, St John’s Wood and surrounds, call 0800 999 1222, 07379 527502 or 0207 126 7106.

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