From Heating Services to Fixing Water Leaks in Hampstead
Tenant and Landlord Responsibilities for Business Properties

When renting a business property, both you and your landlord will have legal responsibilities regarding the maintenance of the premises. Exact responsibilities will depend on the terms of your lease, but this guide provides a general overview to tenant/landlord duties. When you need property maintenance services for a commercial premises in Hampstead or anywhere in North or Central London, OneResponse is the company to call. We help you uphold your legal obligations by providing expert plumbing, heating and building services, including leak repairs, flood repairs and insurance repairs.

Our plumbers, gas engineers and builders are locally trusted to deliver all building, plumbing and heating services to the highest standard. Whether you need gas leak detection, help with water leaks, renovation works or something else, we are waiting to take your call.

Health and Safety

Employers are required by law to protect employees and others from harm. Consequently, tenants of commercial properties must carry out a health and safety risk assessment in the workplace. They then need to take suitable action to eliminate or control any hazards.

Depending on the identified risks, OneResponse can help improve and maintain the safety of your Hampstead business through various property maintenance, repair and renovation services. For example, our plumbers conduct water legionella and risk assessments. We also offer a range of building services.

Tenants are normally responsible for:

  • Fire safety
  • Safety of electrical appliances/equipment
  • Gas safety
  • Managing asbestos
  • Drinking water
  • Toilets and washing facilities
  • Maintaining a reasonable temperature
  • Ensuring enough space, light and ventilation

To help customers in Hampstead meet these responsibilities, our heating services include all aspects of central heating installation and maintenance to aid temperature control. We also undertake boiler checks and safety inspections and provide leak detection and leak repairs for gas leaks as well as water leaks.

The landlord is responsible for any aspects of health and safety written in the lease.

OneResponse can improve health and safety in a number of ways, such as by carrying out structural repairs. We also complete insurance repairs and flood repairs to return the safety of the premises following accident or disaster.

Maintenance and Repairs

Your lease will explain who is responsible for property maintenance and repairs. It is often the case that landlords are responsible for structural repairs while tenants are responsible for non-structural work. However, leases of whole buildings traditionally make the tenant responsible for repairing and maintaining the entire building. Tenants must keep the property in good condition and may have to pay for dilapidations when moving out.

Commercial buildings are typically insured by the landlord, meaning any insurance repairs are completed under their insurance policy.

Examples of maintenance and repairs undertaken by the OneResponse plumbers, gas engineers and builders in Hampstead include:

Building Services – Refits, refurbishments, renovations, roofing, brickwork, flood repairs.

Plumbing Services – Leak detection, fixing water leaks, clearing blockages, pipe repairs.

Heating Services – Boiler servicing/repairs/replacements, radiator repairs/replacements, gas appliance repairs, gas leak repairs.

For building, plumbing and heating services in Hampstead and surrounds, please call 0800 999 1222, 07379 527502 or 0207 126 7106.

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